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Morland Head To Gen Con For OotS & Shar The Traveller


Morland Studios are showing off some awesome miniatures for both Order of the Stick and general role-playing. Check out Shar the Traveller!!!

Morland’s Order Of The Stick Characters Continue To Emerge


Morland Studios have released two of their new Order of the Stick miniatures for you to either paint up and keep as a souvenir of the cartoon or use in your role-playing campaigns.

Morland Studios Unleash Belkar Bitterleaf & Mr Scruffy!


Check out another character from Order of the Stick bought to life by Morland Studios.

A Snarling Addition To Morland Studio’s Bust Collection


Morland Studios take a look at their newest bust, and it’s pretty feral!

Start Your Order Of The Stick Collection With Morland Studios


Check out Roy Greenhilt from the world of Order of the Stick by Morland Studios!

Ready to Join in on the Morland Studios Kickstarter?


Morland Studios look to Kickstarter for help with their 54mm range.

Morland Studios Cordially Welcome Lady Furry


Check out the Lady Furry Bust from Morland Studios.