Are We Really in for a Bananaman Movie?

March 18, 2014 by dracs

Who is England's greatest super-hero? Some might say Captain Britain. Some might say Union Jack. Some might say John Constantine, and they'd be right! However, a close second has to be Dandy's Bananaman, who could be headed to cinemas come 2015!


Those of you who don't know who this amazing super hero is can find him all over youtube, but here is a quick run down. Bananaman started as a comic strip in the pages of Nutty magazine, later moving to The Dandy. It followed the adventures of Eric, a kid who transforms into Bananaman whenever he eats a banana. It was a light-hearted parody of superheroes, especially Superman, and many of Bananaman's enemies were recognisably based on familiar comic book characters.

I stumbled across this news on Den of Geek who pointed to a new web page that has been set up;, where we can find an intriguing hashtag inviting us to Peel the Power.

Peel the Power

No word yet on whether or not this is really happening. It could just be a hoax. But, with superheroes riding high in the popular consciousness at the moment, maybe the time is right for Eric to once again become Bananaman.

Eric is Bananaman

Eric is Bananaman!

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