Batman’s New Suit Gets Shown Off at San Diego Comic Con

July 27, 2014 by dracs

This weekend geeks from around the world are gathering at the San Diego Comic Con, one of whom spotted something rather interesting; the new Bat suit in all its glory!

Batman Suit

This image, which was featured by Mirror Online, was taken by Twitter user @TheAlanJohnson and features the Ben Affleck Bat Suit on full display, no longer shrouded by gloomy photo shop effects.

As you can see, it's very different to the Christian Bale Batman outfits, being closer to the comics than the realistic style Nolan had been going for.

The appearance of the full suit is hot on the heels of the recent image of Ben Affleck's mighty chin while wearing the iconic cowl.


There has been a bit of fan backlash against this outfit, but personally I rather like it. It harks back to the camp Tim Burton Batman films, while mixing in some of the practicality of later depictions. As long as he can turn his head, I think this is a success.

What is your opinion of the new Batman look? Were any of you at San Diego Comic Con to check it out?

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