Dad’s Army Remake Cast List Announced; Don’t Panic!

October 9, 2014 by brennon

The full main cast for the Dad's Army remake has been announced and it's quite the star studded British line-up with some neat choices for a few of the main roles. The BBC were kind enough to do some side-by-sides so see what you think...

Toby Jones - Mainwaring

Billy Nighy - Wilson

Blake Harrison - Pike

As you can see above the role of Captain Mainwaring will go to Toby Jones who is an awesome comic actor and Bill Nighy steps into the boots of Wilson. I think he has just the right attitude for it. Blake Harrison of Inbetweeners fame will also join the team as Pike! Here's the full run down...

"Taking on the role of Captain Mainwaring will be Toby Jones (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) alongside Bill Nighy (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) as his right-hand man Wilson. Also joining them will be Tom Courtnay (Quartet) as Corporal Jones, Michael Gambon (Harry Potter) as Godfrey, Danny Mays (Frankenstein) as Walker, Bill Paterson (The Killing Fields) as Fraser and Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners) as the young and naive Pike. Also joining the cast is Sarah Lancashire (Coronation Street), Alison Steadman (Life is Sweet), Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen) and Annete Crosbie (One Foot in the Grave) as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) as journalist Rose Winters."

...and for a bit of an idea about the story they also provided a synopsis.

"Set in 1944 as the Second World War reaches its climax, the Allies are poised to invade France and finally defeat the German army. But in Walmington-on-Sea morale amongst the Home Guard, led by Captain Mainwaring, is low. So their new mission, to patrol the Dover army base, is a great chance to revive spirits and reputation – until glamorous journalist Rose Winters arrives to write about their exploits. MI5 then discover a radio signal sent direct to Berlin from Walmington-on-Sea, sparking rumours of a spy and – with the outcome of the war suddenly at stake – it falls to the veteran servicemen to step up."

So, are you looking forward to the remake?

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