DC Announce Plans for an Animated Arkham Asylum Movie!

February 10, 2014 by dracs

Arkham Asylum was something of a phenomena when it came out in 2009, exceeding all expectations and spawning video game successors, as well as a tabletop miniatures game. Now it looks like DC are planning on taking the game and adapting for an animated movie.

Arkham Asylum

Previously, DC have adopted the approach of adapting classic and well beloved comic stories for their animated films, such as Dark Knight Returns or Superman/Batman Public Enemies.

Now it appears they are abandoning this plan for a new approach. In the future, DC intend to release three animated films a year. Two of these will be part of a new, interconnected series, based around the current New 52 releases. The third will most likely adapt stories outside the New 52 continuity, or will be an original in its own right. Assault on Arkham is slated to be the first of these coming out this year.

Batman Arkham Asylum

It has been stated that Assault on Arkham will not be a 100% retread of the video game. It will incorporate characters from the sequels, such as Catwoman and Firefly, with the original cast returning to their roles.

This does mean that we fans of DC's animated portrayals of the Dark Knight will once again get to hear him portrayed by the awesome voice of Kevin Conroy. Unfortunately, Mark Hamill will not be returning to voice the Joker, with Arkham Origins voice actor Troy Baker once again taking on the role of the iconic villain.


I have to admit that as a big fan of the game, the comic it was loosely based on, and the previous DC animated productions, I am really excited to see what they decide to do with Assault on Arkham.

I am equally excited about the New 52 range of movies. While I tend to think that the reboot ruined a lot of my favorite characters (I am looking at you two, Constantine and Oracle) it has spawned some exciting developments and stories.

In any case, I hope that it provides plenty of new character designs for Knight Models to bring to our tabletops.

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