Fans Turn Anime Movie Akira Into Live Action Trailer!

May 13, 2014 by dracs

If you're a fan of anime, then chances are that you have seen Akira, the dystopian cyberpunk 1988 film of motorbike gangs and clandestine psychic experimentation.

Akira Theatrical Poster

Well a group of fans went to IndieGoGo, and with the funding they got they have made an awesome Akira live-action trailer!

Akira Project

The Akira Project brings us a short summary of the brutal, weird anime classic. It accurately portrays some of the most iconic sequences from the film, from the great motor bike fights, to the appearance of a giant teddy bear!

Akira Still

Admittedly, I am not much of an Akira fan, although I do own the film. It was the first proper anime I ever watched, and I found it took a bit of getting used to. Still, I think this fan project looks fantastic, a loyal labour of love for one of the most popular and influential anime films ever made.

There have been talks about a Hollywood live action adaptation of Akira for a while, something that always brings groans from those who have been unfortunate enough to sit through previous Hollywood adaptations of beloved anime franchises. If they do go ahead, they will hopefully take a few pointers from this faithful adaptation.

What do you think about Akira being turned into a live action film?

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