Get Pumped for Edge of Tomorrow With its Latest Trailer

March 26, 2014 by dracs

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One of the most intriguing movies coming out this year is Tom Cruise's latest science fiction film. Mixing elements of Twilight Zone mystery with blockbuster action, the Edge of Tomorrow's latest trailer has me really excited for this film.

Edge of Tomorrow Film Poster

Based upon a Japanese light novel, Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise as Lt. Col. William Cage, an inexperienced officer sent on a suicide mission against an alien invasion.

However, Cage finds himself trapped in a loop, dying and being flung back into the battle repeatedly. He finds help and training from Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), a special forces soldier who knows how to exploit this loop. With each battle and each death, Cage gains experience, turning into a weapon to fight the invading forces.

Edge of Tomorrow

The premise of someone repeatedly dying and learning from the experience, much in the way a video game character might be said to, is a really interesting premise for a film.

The action sequences look particularly promising, especially when, to my eye at least, they appear to resemble what you might imagine Dropzone Commander would be like.

Has this latest trailer got you excited for Edge of Tomorrow?

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