Ridley Scott Tells the Story of Moses in Exodus: Gods & Kings

July 11, 2014 by dracs

It seems as if Biblical epics are seeing something of a resurgence lately. First we had Noah, an excellent fantasy retelling of the Genesis story. Now, Ridley Scott and Christian Bale come together to tell the story of Exodus: Gods and Kings.


We all know the Biblical story of Exodus, of the outcast Moses being chosen by God to set the Israelites free from the Pharaoh of Egypt. It has been turned into some excellent works of film in the past, from the classic epic The Ten Commandments, to the excellent animated musical Prince of Egypt.

Biblical epics used to be a mainstay of cinema, as they were usually able to get around a lot of the censorship issues of the day. From this trailer it looks like we are in for a return to form, with sweeping battles surrounded by cool special effects to create a compelling fantasy action film.

Exodus Gods and Kings

From the trailer, it looks like Exodus: Gods and Kings will be following the example of Prince of Egypt in story terms, focusing upon the personal conflict between Moses and Rameses, with Christian Bale taking on the role of the cultural hero Moses.

Exodus Red Sea

Having seen Noah earlier this year, I can safely say there is definitely a place for these Biblical re-imaginings in modern cinema. Noah succeeded in turning a familiar story into one part fantasy action and one part edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller.

Exodus: Gods and Kings looks as though the plagues of God will serve more as a backdrop to the story, allowing room for sweeping battles and more personal character development.

Exodus Gods and Kings

Ridley Scott s definitely a director who knows how to do these historical works well, with his previous success on works such as Gladiator and Robin Hood. It will be interesting to see what new things this retelling bring to the story.

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