The Tetris Movie Drops In From Above

May 18, 2016 by dracs

Yes, you read that headline right. The latest bit of IP to head towards movie development will be nothing less than the classic puzzle game of Tetris.


Tetris was first created in the Soviet Union by Alexey Pajitnov, who came up with the name by combining the words for tetra (Greek for four) and tennis (which was his favourite sport at the time). It swiftly became a global phenomenon and is undoubtedly one of the most instantly recognisable and  widely imitated video games of all time.

Well Threshold Global Studios seem to think that the game about arranging shaped blocks has plenty of potential for a movie. According to, filming is set to begin in China in 2017 and will be an $80 million Chinese-American co-production from Threshold Global, a company formed by Chinese Media entrepreneur Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff, whose previous works include these classics:

Mortal Kombat


Reportedly, the movie will feature a Chinese cast and is slated to be a sci-fi thriller, with Kasanoff saying that it is "not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise.” (Deadline).

It is also rumoured to be the first part of a trilogy, because there is so much to work on with Tetris.

Tetris NES

Tetris is just the latest in a stream of game adaptations, that have included things like Battleship and follows on the heels of the announcement of an Angry Birds Movie. The instant reaction of such news is to roll ones eyes with despair. A Tetris movie? Seriously?

But then that was my reaction when I heard about The Lego Movie too, and it turned out to be superb. On the other end of the spectrum though we find stuff like Pixels, so...

Whatever they choose though, it will never beat the Tetris based creation of PigWithTheFaceOfABoy (see video above).

Do you think they'll be able to make a decent movie out o Tetris, or is this doomed to crash and burn?

"It is also rumoured to be the first part of a trilogy, because there is so much to work with Tetris."

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