Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer Unleashed

March 6, 2014 by brennon

The Transformer franchise is continuing like Optimus Prime stuck on autopilot and the next entry is named Age of Extinction. This time around the Transformers are going to be dealing with an Earth that no long requires their services, until something arrives to make humanity think again.

Optimus Prime

The trailer for the film is above and shows the old and battered Optimus Prime now hanging around with Mark Wahlberg. I have to say that considering the rather unfortunate films we've had in the franchise so far I do hope this one can make a bit of a difference and provide us with a film with a bit more depth.

Dinobot & Optimus Prime

What could possibly save this franchise? Well Dinobots of course. The one above happens to be Grimlock being straddled by Optimus Prime holding that rather cool looking sword.

As I've said I don't hold out 'much' hope for this film but with a different cast and hopefully more emphasis on the actual Transformers we could have a much better film.

Will you be watching?

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