Who is the Villain of Batman: Arkham Knight?

March 28, 2014 by dracs

A new image has popped up on the web, rumoured to be the villain of the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Knight. Who is that masked man?

Arkham Knight Villain

Theories abound as to who this chappy might be. Some are suggesting it is Jason Todd, the one time Robin who returned from apparent death to become the vigilante Red Hood. Others say that this is an entirely new character, created by Rocksteady specifically for the game.

Personally, I believe that this could be Azrael.


Azrael is an assassin, trained by the order of St. Dumas to enforce the will of God. During the events of Knightfall, he briefly took the place of Batman after Bane broke Bruce Wayne's back.

Unfortunately he went a little crazy, updating the Batman costume into something more high-tech and using brutal methods to take down criminals. He also had a brief cameo in Arkham City, meaning he already has a presence in the Arkham games.

If you haven't had a chance to play the great Batman Arkham games yet then you are in luck as there is currently a Batman franchise weekend deal going on on Steam.

Batman Sale

All the Arkham games, along with their various DLC content, are available at a severely reduced price, as well as the Dark Knight's Lego games, making this the perfect time to don the cape and cowl.

Who do you think this new figure might be?

Source: Uproar Comics

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