Snyder Teases The Batman Vs Superman Batmobile [Updated!]

May 13, 2014 by brennon

As most of you will probably know by now the latest Superman movie was just the start of a massive DC movie strain that looks to copy the success of Marvel. Batman Vs Superman is still a year or two off but Zack Snyder revealed some of the new Batmobile over on Twitter...

New Batmobile

Obviously you can't see much from this but it has a more classic look than the 'tank' we had in the Nolan Batman films. As one site pointed out it has something of the Batman Forever design about it. It looks pretty cool as it is and we might see more of it tomorrow. If there is a new picture we'll update it!

The Batman Vs Superman film will see Ben Affleck take up the cowl and Henry Cavill return as Superman. According to Synder they've got the casting on target and Affleck is going to be playing an older and wiser Bruce Wayne.


And here is the new Batman from the front (is Affleck in there?) and the Batmobile...

Batman & Batmobile

All sounds fairly encouraging I'd say.

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