Plan Your Heroic Efforts From A Super Computer By Multiverse Gaming

June 15, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Knowing the devil is in the details, we often see that one piece of terrain can really set the scene in a game and be what really separates one table from the next. Multiverse Gaming has plenty of these such details, and the most recent is an amazing, super computer with their Monitor Assembly Kit.

multiverse super computer

This MDF awesomeness will be available through their store in just a couple of days.

multiverse mdf super computer

Though a piece like this can go nicely in a number of games, it's no stretch at all to picture this one the Bat Cave! How better to coordinate your super hero efforts than in the driver's seat of a Wayne worthy super computer?!

Will you be adding some technoloogy to your games?

"'s no stretch at all to picture this one the Bat Cave!"

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