Visit The General Store From Multiverse’s Tombstone Terrain

August 8, 2016 by dracs

Multiverse Gaming are continuing work on their upcoming range of Tombstone wild west terrain. The latest preview to appear features the General Store, the largest kit so far.

Tombstone General Store

Every wild west town has to have a general store. It's here that the villagers can get their everyday goods. Like bullets. It also provides an excellent location for a shoot out.

The General Store is one of our largest and most detailed kits up to date, measuring about 22x14x20cm and featuring removable exterior stairway, enough lasercut shingle strips to cover the main roof and the two awnings (rear and front), engraved floorboards for the interior, an option to assemble the windows as either open or closed, and a handful of furniture and scatter accessories (two store shelves, one counter, two wooden crates).
- Multiverse Gaming

These Tombstone terrain kits are promising to be really well detailed pieces. A few of these and your table will be well set up for any wild west adventure, be it historical or something a little weirder.

Have you ever used any of Multiverse Gaming's terrain? What do you think of their products?

"[The General Store] provides an excellent location for a shoot out..."

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