There Be Dragons In Your Munchkin Deck!

May 23, 2013 by brennon

Steve Jackson Games have another addition to the Munchkin range on the way with a small fifteen card expansion called Munchkin Dragons. Check out the artwork and some cards for it below...

Munchkin Dragons

Munchkin Dragons - Sample Cards

The problem I always have with Munchkin, and it took me a while to notice it, is that once all the jokes have been seen and used up the game becomes very dull. So, when little expansions like this come out it allows you to add a bit more spice back into proceedings. In this case it's a big dollop of fire.

As a staple 'between dungeons' card game Munchkin is a favourite for a lot of folks so hopefully you'll get some enjoyment out of this little addition to the game.

Will you be getting it?

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