The Walking Dead Shuffle Into Munchkin Zombies Latest Expansion

August 18, 2015 by dracs

A new expansion has come out for Munchkin Zombies, bringing you the chance to take on characters from the much loved comic book series The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

Featuring exclusive comic book art, this 56 card expansion puts you in the role of one of the walkers, going up against new monster cards such as Carl and The Governor.


The Governor

It also comes with new equipment and curses to aid in your fight against the living, and help instill the game with that Walking Dead flavour.

Bucket of Feet

Sheriff's Hat

While I have never been much of a Walking Dead fan (outside of the fantastic Telltale Games point-and-click), I am a big fan of Munchkin and this new expansion seems to tick all the boxes for breathing a bit more life (unlife?) into your deck. I especially like the exclusive artwork, which is sure to please fans of the comic book series.

Will you become a walker? Can you survive a game of Munchkin Zombies: The Walking Dead?

"The exclusive artwork is sure to please fans of the comic book series."

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