King Arthur Rides To War With Musketeer Miniatures

February 21, 2014 by brennon

When Briton is falling at the hands of Saxon hordes and the land of hope and glory is burning you need a great King. Musketeer Miniatures have just the man as King Arthur & His Bannermen ride out to fight.

King Arthur & Bannermen

The noble mythological-come-historical King of the Britons rides out resplendent in his armour and flowing cloak as his bannerman rides beside him making sure everyone knows where he is to give them a burst of morale.

I do love the models that Musketeer come out with, and they are mixed in with many SAGA miniatures. Arthur is quite the knight and along with most of the other awesome Arthurian line you could put together a really characterful court of heroes in no time.

Will you ride with Arthur?

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