Modiphius Return Us to Mutant Chronicles for the 3rd Ed. RPG!

January 28, 2014 by dracs

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Modiphius, the guys behind the awesome Achtung! Cthulhu RPG, are stepping back onto the Kickstarter stage to get the funding for the 3rd Edition of one of the all time classic RPGs, Mutant Chronicles.

Mutant Chronicles RPG Books

Modpihius have apparently given the rules a complete reworking, as well as taking a new look at the back story. There will also be plenty of new bits and pieces to keep even someone overly familiar with the game interested.

Mutant Chronicles Art

One of the most exciting pieces about this Kickstarter is that Modpihius have announced that they will be working alongside Prodos Games, the makers of the Mutant Chronicles skirmish game Warzone Resurrection, who will be making a range of minis specifically for the RPG. You will also have the opportunity to move characters over from the RPG to the skirmish game and vice versa, always a nice touch which really opens up a story to new situations and gameplay opportunities.

Mutant Chronicles Pages

Amazingly, the Kickstarter has already reached its funding target and is currently charging ahead towards stretch goals.

Are you going to get in on this Kickstarter and take a step into Mutant Chronicles?

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