Modiphius Show Off The Heroes & Villains Of Mutant Chronicles

August 15, 2014 by brennon

As some of you might know Modiphius have a great working relationship alongside Prodos Games and recently worked on bringing the world of Mutant Chronicles to life in a tabletop role-playing game with some fantastic looking miniatures. Well, a whole host of them have appeared for the game...

Blood Beret


Bone Hussar

Cable Marionette

The aim for Modiphius right now is to allow Kickstarter backers to choose the different packs they want according to their pledges and you can still buy various levels through their webstore if you wish, which should be ace when you consider some of these hero and villain figures.

Above you can see some of the faction specific heroes including the Blood Beret (yay Imperials!) followed by a Chasseur and the incredibly volatile Bone Hussar. Following them is one of the deadly Cable Marionettes that has been animated by the Dark Legion and is a decidedly cool idea for a foe to fight!

Corporate Agents

Corporate Exec


Doctor Diana

Following on from those heroes and a peek at some villains we have the special forces and investigators of the Mutant Chronicles world! The Corporate Agents will be hunting down someone like the Exec (pictured second) before he can make off with the goods. Showing that shoulder pads are still in vogue the Dectective is also looking ace and has a bit of the 2000AD about him. Last but not least is a decidedly cross but healthier looking Doctor Diana. In Warzone: Resurrection she's quite the pain!


Free Marine


Noble Officer


Venusian Ranger


There's a decidedly large amount of awesome and so much to pick from. The Templar is just begging to be picked up even if you don't play as his particular faction and even then you might as well just play the character in the role-playing game! The last picture in this batch, the Veteran, has an awesome sense of the DOOM hero about him, it's probably the gun, and would look ace leading a squad in Warzone: Resurrection too.


Heretics #1

Heretics #2

Kerhella Urban

Zombie #1

Zombie #2

We finish things off by being decidedly evil with our miniatures. From the awesome looking Heretics who've you seen before to the rather 'metal' one at the top they are all rather stunning. Twin that with some really, really, really evil looking Zombies that don't look like they shamble at all and you have quite the array of villains to face.

You can go and check out some 360 video of the renders on the link at the top of the page but what we want to know is where you'd start with these?

Which is your favourite miniature and what faction do you support?

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