Feel the Fury of the Fireborne for Myth from Megacon Games

June 30, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

It's here! If you haven't already heard, today Megacon Games released their 1.1 patch for their fantastic game Myth! With the patch comes an awesome story quest!


In this quest, we find our heroes fighting to rescue Sir Archeron. The heroes get to battle the darkness in the manner we have grown to love, but with a twist.....

myth12 (2)

The darkness is now the Fireborne with the demon mini-boss, Ragog the Fierce! The darkness deck, as we know it, does not come in to play in this quest and instead the Fury of the Fireborne is in play each darkness cycle. Any minion can be used as the Fireborne in this quest, as they are possessed by demons.

myth12 (3)

The goal of the quest is to clear the tile of all Fireborne and to defeat Ragog the Fierce. Failure is not an option. To fail would mean that Sir Archeron dies or the threat penalty is triggered 4 times and there are no empty action spaces available for our heroes.

Speaking of failure, I have failed to mention something awesome.... This story quest is FREE. More content for the game we love and it doesn't hurt your pocketbook.

I feel the need for a story quest! Will you come along?

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