MERCS Miniatures’ Myth Kickstarter Has Launched!

March 25, 2013 by brennon

We teased the beginning of a new project for MERCS Miniatures last week but today the Myth Kickstarter has launched! Check out some fantastic artwork, miniatures and components below along with a gameplay video above!

Myth Box"Myth is a cooperative game for 2 to 5 players developed and published by MERCS Miniatures (MegaCon Games). A complete game in Myth is called a Story. Each Story is played over three Acts. Acts can be played sequentially, or can be split up over three different game sessions. Each Act lasts 2 hours."

Each hero in Myth is a mighty warrior who must balance their power against the threat of darkness looming before them. Let's take a look at the heroes you will be playing as...






As you can see there are a lot of different heroes to choose from. I particularly like the hammer wielding Acolyte and the tattooed Apprentice! Each of these heroes is driven by a Hero Deck and uses card to preform actions and draw upon weapons of power.

Hero Board

Weapon CardsUnlike other games that would require a Dungeon Master or someone at least taking on the role of the enemy, Myth has another card deck that controls what the enemy do.

Enemy Art

Each time you play then you must work out just how zealously you are going to engage your enemies. If you go too powerful then the Darkness will react by unleashing more monsters. If you act too delicately then the game might limit the amount of treasure you are able to plunder.

A delicate balance and plenty of team talk seems to be the aim of the day.

Myth Boxed Set - Models

Myth Boxed Set - Components

It certainly looks like it could be a lot of fun with some fascinating miniatures, evocative and original looking artwork, and a massively packed core set!

Check out the video above and atop the Kickstarter page and see what you think of this new game from the creators of MERCS.

Who wants to play as the Brigand Rat?

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