The Minis of Myth are Taking Shape

March 27, 2013 by dracs

From the miniatures we have seen thus far, Myth looks like it will have some pretty cool bad guys for your heroes to face. Now more of these monsters are taking shape and some WIP images have started to appear.

Orc Minion 2

Orc Minion 3

These orcs will be appearing in the main box, while these skeletons will be the focus of one of the stretch goals.

Skeleton Captain

Skeleton Minion

I love the cool balance between cartoony and dramatic that these sculpts have going for them. Although these are currently still rough WIPs they have got me interested in what else might be appearing, especially in terms of captain and boss minis.

If you want to face these minions of the Darkness head to the kickstarter and pledge your cash.

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