MYTH Journeyman Expansion Kickstarter Begins!

March 9, 2015 by brennon

The MYTH: Journeyman Kickstarter from Megacon Games for their adventuring board game of the same name has kicked off and they're already powering on towards their target (at time of writing) and stretch goals galore...

Myth Journeyman Expansions

Each of the different boxes come with their own challenges, enemies and indeed heroes that you can take on new swashbuckling trips into the unknown. Blackwall Warrens and Shores of Kanis are both available through the various pledge levels you can see below...

Pledge Levels

As you can see you can either pick up one of the boxes as a singular purchase or just grab both of them and get all the more gaming in. Here's a bit more about each of the expansions...

Shores of Kanis

Shores of Kanis Enemies

"The kingdom of the Okian lies at the heart of sun-scorched Kanis. It is a sand-blasted land where massive stone monuments rise to honor the dark master Anunkara, Keeper of the Dead."

Blackwall Warrens

Blackwall Warrens Enemies

"Under the sprawling ruins of the once great trading city of Blackwall lies the Knot. The maze of tunnels house uncounted evils. In the deep dark of the warrens courage is tested and fear takes hold."

...and what's new?

  • 5 "light" Journeyman Hero decks (Shores of Kanis)
  • 5 "dark" Journeyman Hero decks (Blackwall Warrens)
  • New Heroes: Swashbuckler and the Outsider
  • Commander class monsters
  • New Bosses, Mini-bosses, Captains, and Minions
  • Orange tier weapons and gear
  • Gold tier armor sets
  • Dual wielding
  • Malice pool
  • Myth Module System
  • New realm tiles
  • New traps
  • New titles
  • Capture and Interrogate rules
  • Bar Fight alternate game mode

All of this sounds pretty awesome and the addition of some interesting new enemies that are all sculpted up very nicely is always nice. We've always loved the look of the semi-realistic sculpting that you get with MYTH and most of the Megacon Games so it's good to see that talent and artistry still present in the new miniatures/pieces.


The dashing Swashbuckler is a duel weilding weapons master and follows the path of light. He can rely on his secondary weapon and an extra fate dice to trigger it's power. Like any dashing hero he is also better when surrounded by enemies in the middle of the fighting.


The Outside is a bit different in that he uses the Malice system and follows the path of Darkness. By using the power of the Darkness and manipulating the utilisation of Malice he can augment his cards and make them more powerful. He can even manipulate the Darkness metre itself into doing what he wants.

Both are very cool new heroes and an excuse to just pick up both of them rather than having to settle for just one expansion. I imagine most of you are probably thinking that already.

You can find out more about the game in the video above where the guys from Megacon talk about the world of MYTH and Journeyman. Don't forget the new MYTH 2.0 Rules are also now available to streamline your games.

Will you be questing again in MYTH?

"Each of the different boxes come with their own challenges, enemies and indeed heroes"

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"’s good to see that talent and artistry still present in the new miniatures/pieces"

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