The Myth Kickstarter Unlocks Hero & Monster Sculpts

April 5, 2013 by brennon

MERCS Miniatures have more to show off via their Kickstarter Campaign for Myth. Check out their Work-in-Progress sculpts for the Sorcerer, Brigand and even some monsters below...



I love how dynamic the Sorcerer looks at the moment and it will be awesome to finally see these heroes painted up. I know Justin will be very interested in seeing how the Brigand looks at the end of the road.


Boss Creature

On the other hand you have these monsters and the undead warrior is where my eye was drawn here. The big beast is sure awesome looking but the skeletal warrior if one of the coolest sculpts I've seen.

Once again this game continues to impress and hopefully we'll be able to run you through a few games of it closer to release.

Which hero will you pick?

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