Q&A Time With The MYTH: Journeyman Team!

March 27, 2015 by brennon

BoW: Let's dive right in! Tell us a bit about the two settings that are present in the expansion for MYTH: Journeyman - namely Blackwall Warrens & Shores of Kanis. What makes them exciting for budding adventurers?

MYTH Journeyman

Megacon Games: The most exciting thing about Myth: Journeyman is the progression the heroes have access to. This is done through class upgrades and treasure bag upgrades, giving players more chances to customize their heroes.

Shores of Kanis

In Shores of Kanis players will fight the Okians as they adventure in and around the ruins found in this sun blasted land. These heroes have access to the light Journeyman class upgrades which is unique gear that can be earned by heroes who dare face Anunkara.

Blackwall Warrens

In Blackwall Warrens players will fight against a reptilian race that infests the tunnels beneath the once great trade city, Blackwall. Heroes who choose to follow this darker path of adventuring have access to the dark Journeyman class upgrades. Most adventurers don’t return from the twisted tunnels referred to as “The Knot”, but those who do speak of unimaginable treasure.

In the two expanion sets you also get access to new heroes, the Swashbuckler and the Outsider. Tell us a bit more about how they play.


The Swashbuckler is a handful but extremely fun to play. He is one of the best dual wielders in the game but dual wielding doesn't define his play style as much as the swagger inherent in his cards. It is necessary to throw caution to the wind when you play the Swashbuckler as he excels when surrounded, outnumbered, and outclassed. He may or may not "have it", but you better play him like he does. He may need a pocket healer for those rare occasions he fails, but man does he fail with style. There is something about standing in a mass of monsters and watching them all kill each other trying to kill you.

The trick is knowing when to dual wield and when to utilize the amazing interrupts he has. He is a roller coaster with Threat. Until he is learned, he will cause Threat penalties. He is one of the few Heroes that can go from 0 to 10 in a single Darkness cycle.


Outsiders can use most weapons, though aren't really designed for dual-wielding or shields. His abilities achieve maximum effectiveness with larger two-handed weapons. For an Outsider to truly be effective he has to master producing and using Malice. This certainly gets easier with the help of the Necromancer and Elementalist but he is fairly proficient at generating Malice in his own right.

Malice is a static pool the ENTIRE party pulls from to fuel Malice cards. At this point, only the Necromancer and Outsider pull from the Malice pool, though multiple dark Heroes can help supply it. When under an effect that helps produce Malice, Malice tokens are added to the pool. When they are spent they are removed. The other method in which Malice is added to the Malice pool is unique to the Outsider. He has several cards that allow him to severely alter the Darkness AP and generate Malice.

Malice is used differently by different Heroes. For the Outsider, it is used to alter abilities, increase damage, reduce cost, or change its classification.

The community have unlocked LOADS of awesome extras in this latest campaign. Which have been your favourites to unveil and see funded?


Kenny: One of my favorite things that has been unlocked is the miniatures from Fury of the Fireborne. A lot of effort was put into making this module happen as a test to see how well it was received. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I’m glad the art from the enemies will see the light of day as miniatures.

There is a future miniature that I would love to see get unlocked but it is a target for the big stretch goals.

Tick Tocks

Keith: Wow so many, and for so many reasons. I'm super pumped that the Fireborne material was unlocked. That content has been available as a free download and now backers get the real figures which is great! The Clockwork minions really excite me too. Their special power is they alter and combine to form the captain. I worked especially hard to make sure they looked like they could and combine their parts and pieces into the captain shape for it to sense. Naga are great too. And the Thieves… Ahh! I like them all for one reason or another!

Brian: For me it’s the Bar Fight (Tavern Mode which you can see above in the video!). We had a great time playing it and you can see the video in Update 57.

Considering the breakneck speed at which MYTH: Journeyman has expanded how have you found running it? It must be quite the exhausting experience!

It is very intense, and and takes everyone's help to make it happen. There are long days and nights for the duration of the campaign, and sometimes some VERY long nights! We try to prepare as much as you can. It's a grueling and thrilling experience all at the same time.

Adam Sadler worked with you to revamp the rules for MYTH with the 2.0 Rules. Have you found the changes have gone down well with fans?

The response on the 2.0 rules has been very positive. There are still a few issues to work out with the 2.0 rules but the feedback we have received from our community should help iron out the few wrinkles that still exist.

Talking of Adam Sadler; he and Brady Sadler have joined forces for another game in the MYTH universe called Dark Frontier. Care to tell us more?

Myth: Dark Frontier is a new property we are very excited about. It is a mix between resource management, tower defense, and questing. Heroes must fight back against the darkness that surrounds the legendary city, Farrenroc. By exploring the lands just outside the city, players can complete quests and find valuable resources with which they can further strengthen the city's defenses.

Dark Frontier

During this time a boss will plot and scheme against the city trying to delay and attack the heroes until such time as it is ready to lay siege to the city, which could spell certain doom for its inhabitants. To defeat the boss players will need to either finish major plot-lines or defeat the boss as it's laying siege to the city.

As development continues with Myth: Dark Frontier we will post updates on our website to let you know more.

As MYTH is expanding where do you see it going next after the dust has settled on the Journeyman Kickstarter?

We have Myth planned to go up to Master level heroes followed by Legend. Currently the new gear set includes up to three items which give powerful bonuses once they are collected. With future expansions this will be upgraded to all five slots, making them truly epic.

Herast’iel the Fallen

Another way we are planning on expanding the world of Myth is through other types of games. Currently Myth: Dark Frontier is one such way we are expanding the lore and gameplay. We also see a great potential for Myth to be a much larger tabletop wargame. The future is going to hold some exciting stuff for MegaCon Games, Myth and our community.

Thanks for chatting with us and good luck in the last days of the campaign!

Check out the MYTH: Journeyman Campaign on Kickstarter as it enters it's final days and let us know YOUR favourite bits from the funding process and what's been unlocked.

Swashbuckler or Outsider?

"...the Swashbuckler excels when surrounded, outnumbered, and outclassed. He may or may not "have it", but you better play him like he does."

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"We also see a great potential for Myth to be a much larger tabletop wargame. The future is going to hold some exciting stuff for MegaCon Games, Myth and our community..."

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