Strike Up A Bardic Tune For Myth’s Kickstarter

April 15, 2013 by brennon

The Myth Kickstarter from MERCS Minis is going from strength to strength and ends in just over a week. Check out the additional Skald hero below along with some ratty minions...

Female Skald

Male Skald

First up we have the Skalds or Bards that will be striking up a tune as they fight alongside their fellow heroes trying to hold back the Darkness. I have a bit of a soft spot for Bards so have the choice of two of them for the game is better all round for me!

Rat Captain

Rat Minions

Maybe the Skalds have struck up a Pied Piper worthy tune as Rat Minions and Captains are also coming to the game. It seems like the Brigand is going to have to contend with fighting his own corrupted kin!

How are you liking the way the Kickstarter is shaping up as it comes to a close?

Let me know below!

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