Mythic Articulations Bring 32mm Fauns Back From The Dead

October 20, 2014 by brennon

Mythic Articulation have realised that it's not just humans that come back from the dead as skeletons. Their latest release is a set of 32mm Faun Skeletons complete with piper...

Faun Skeleton Archers (Full)

Faun Skeleton Piper

Faun Skeleton Archers

As you can see they are a bit spindly but they've been made out of slightly flexible and translucent resin. The miniatures above have been sprayed with a layer of grey paint just to let you know. These are also 3D printed to order which is quite cool.

I have no idea what I'd use these for but I think the idea that they've gone out of their way to create some different skeletons to use in your games is cool. I could potentially see this being used with something Ancient Greek with the likes of Odysseus and such around fighting against some risen fauns.

What do you think?

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