Final Hours For Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter

November 30, 2016 by brennon

The amazingly fun Kickstarter for Mythic Battles: Pantheon is coming to a close with just a few hours left before we begin the wait until the box comes to our door. However, they are still smashing stretch goals!


The newest focus is on the Goddess who stole the hearts of many, Aphrodite. They not only showed off the wonderful sculpt for her with swords at the ready but also her statistics which are, as you might imagine, designed around her beauty.

Aphrodite (Stats)

Her rule of Irresistible is an interesting one as it will allow you to control the flow of the game a lot more. Once you begin to drain their hand of Art of War cards she might become unstoppable. If you DO strike her then she's going to hit you back for even daring to do such a thing with her Revenge special rule which is very cruel indeed!

A Bonus Box

If you're looking to expand upon the 'beauty' in your collection then Mythic Games has also teamed up with Paolo Parente for his guest box where he's created alternative versions of Aphrodite and Circe.

Paolo Parente Box

As you might imagine they each come with a more pin-up style to them which is, of course, a staple of Paolo's style. I think I prefer the original version of her but it's nice to have some options when it comes to your collection. Some people might pick up both sets and just take the opportunity to paint these up and use the others for gaming.

A Dragon Rises

Following on from that one of the stretch goals that has been unlocked is the Colchis Dragon, a challenge for Jason and the Argonauts as they seek out the Golden Fleece.

Colhidian Dragon

The statistics for this beast then follow on from its fearsome reputation.

Colhidian Dragon (Stats)

Sleepless Guardian makes him a dangerous foe indeed where you'll have to rely on your strength and guile alone to beat it. Vigilance also plays around with an additional level of trickery. It would be awesome to actually play out a scenario between Jason and some of his followers looking to take down this mighty beast.

Storage Solutions

Finally, we have this neat Deluxe Storage Box which the team has put together.

Deluxe Storage Box

This is an optional buy but might be worth considering to keep all of those various dice and other components all in one place. Considering the wealth of content you get with the $99 pledge it might make sense to splurge that little bit extra and pick this up for the sake of tidiness!

Well, have you backed the campaign yet?

"The newest focus is on the Goddess who stole the hearts of many, Aphrodite..."

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