Mythic Battles: Pantheon Hit The Seas With Poseidon Expansion

November 11, 2016 by brennon

Continuing its mighty march towards ever more impressive stretch goals the Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter has now unlocked the Poseidon Expansion!


Poseidon is looking fantastic, a mighty God whose realm was all but safe from the battle with the Titans. However now as the Gods seek to reclaim their place on Olympus he sets a trap for Athena in the new campaign booklet.

Poseidon (Stat Card)

He is a mighty God as you can see on his Stat Card and his aquatic nature feeds into the theme of this new campaign. There is a LOT of water on these boards and so when the Gods clash they will be doing so aboard boats!

New Heroes & Monsters

As well as the God himself we also have access to some new heroes including the legendary Theseus.


He seems like he has graduated somewhat from his time battling the Minotaur and even carries its broken horn as a talisman.

Antaeus and Andromeda also join the mix. Antaeus was a wrestler who could heal his wounds as long as he touched the ground. He was beaten by Heracles and now seeks a rematch!


Andromeda was an unfortunate beauty whose divine looks angered Poseidon. So, he sent the sea monster Cetus (also included in the set) to ravage the coast.


Thankfully Perseus saved her from the beast and slew it in the rescue attempt. In game she is all about board control and self-sacrifice.

She can harm herself in place of others taking damage and use her chains to tie a unit down and stop it from being incredibly effective. Last but not least we couldn't go without showing off the mighty Scylla who is absolutely huge!


Once a wondrous beauty she was twisted by the sorceress Circe into a terrifying sea monster than now takes to the seas to swallow ships and devour sailors, laughing manically as she does.

Her tentacles allow her to attack many targets at once and she can even use them to defend herself if needed.

You can dive into more detail on this expansion HERE but rest assured it's a fantastic addition to the game.

Will you be getting this?

" the Gods seek to reclaim their place on Olympus he sets a trap for Athena in the new campaign booklet"

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