The Rise Of The Titans Expansion Comes To Mythic Battles: Pantheon

November 27, 2016 by brennon

The massive Rise of the Titans Expansion has now been added to the pool of awesome goodies on the way for Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Let's take a look at the four different monstrous characters that are making a name for themselves as they struggle against the Gods.

Mighty Kronos

Kronos leads the way with his might scythe at his side.

Kronos (Model)

It's fantastic seeing his bubbling rage coming forth with those model, wreathed in fire. He looks as if anger itself has come to life. You can tell why Zeus hated him so much...


His Scythe ability is great for clearing out all manner of different units from the spaces around him and with Tyrant he will be willing them to stay in their place. He also takes a lot to bring down and comes with a hefty amount of attack throughout his time on the board.

Mother Earth

Next up we have the mighty Gaia, Mother Earth herself. She has a wonderful model which might have taken some cues from the image of her in God Of War.

Gaia (Model)

It's awesome seeing her coming out of the very earth beneath her feet and I could imagine her sending those roots out to rip her foes to pieces. In fact, that's just what she does.

GaiaRoots helps you control the flow of the game on the tabletop and Strength of the Earth benefits from you doing what you'd do anyway. Being able to heal makes her a fearsome character to face on the tabletop with a lot of staying power.


Being submerged in agonising pain for years by Athena you can imagine why Enceladus wants to get some revenge against the Goddess of Wisdom.

Enceladus (Model)

I'm not sure his model is the coolest of the bunch as I thought he had a really big nose for the longest time because of the artwork. Also his legs look a little bit spindly!


His Searing Heat ability is fantastic though and it means that he will be stomping right into the middle of the enemy formation. You should pay little heed to his pain as he starts to slosh around burning his enemies to ash.

Winged Typhon

Finally, we have the Titan known as Typhon who is one of the most deadly Titans to ever walk the Earth.

Typhon (Model)

His model is fantastic and it's wonderful seeing where the imagination goes when it comes to making these creatures for the tabletop. Greek mythology sure is packed with all manner of quirky and interesting characters and monsters.


His statistics are pretty crazy across the board and he doesn't tend to get too worse off as the damage starts to tick up. Tempest gives him a certain amount of versatility when it comes to attacking his foes and Tornado adds an element of control to his playstyle too. Effectively he's going to be writing around the board causing chaos.

Are any of these Titans going to be a first pick for you?

"Kronos leads the way with his might scythe at his side..."

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