Chester/Choronzon Takes Form For Mythos & Shattered Earth

February 20, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Last year at Salute, I had a great chat with the fellas from Paranoid Miniatures and Massive Awesome about a crossover mini to be used in the both games, and this week we've seen it take form!

PM chester mini1

Feast your eyes on Chester/Choronzon, the leader of  Order of the Enlightened Path of Mythos.

PM chester mini2

Not only do I think this guy looks amazing, but I love the idea that he can function within two different gaming universes. It really speaks to the creative genius of companies when you can open your brain up to the idea of working in alternate characters - especially when you can pull it off and have it make sense.

PM chester mini3

I'm really looking forward to learning more about Chester and how he functions in both games- oh let's take that a step further...I'm really looking forward to playing both of these games!

What do you think of eerie Chester/Choronzon?

"Feast your eyes on Chester/Choronzon, the leader of Order of the Enlightened Path of Mythos..."

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