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May 6, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

The fantastic world of Mythos from Paranoid Miniatures has plenty more interesting characters to bring into their Lovecraftian world. This week we're getting a look into the Travellers, which will be a new faction for the game a bit further down the line.PM Mythos box art

The Travellers will bring yet another layer of magic and story telling into this maddening world.

They set Shane Cook loose and watched as he breathed life into these first three characters from the Travellers: Max Calderas, his wife Talia, and their son, Stefan. This family of Travellers arrived in America in the late 19th Century having left Eastern Europe in search of fame and fortune.

PM travellers Max

Max travels up and down the east coast of America with his family, trading with towns and villages along the way, as well as selling curses, running a small fairground and generally doing what it takes to get by, fighting back where necessary against the hostile powers that lurk in dark corners of the world.

Now in his late forties, he has accumulated a vast knowledge of curses and dark magics and has no qualms in calling upon this knowledge when necessary. He also tends to carry a heavy cane, however do not mistake this for a crutch or sign of weakness, he is no stranger to a good brawl and will happily crack the odd skull with it!

PM travellers Talia

Born and raised travelling around the English countryside, Talia quickly learned the the arts of curses and dark magic from her mother and has put them to good use over the years. Many a man who has crossed her has mysteriously disappeared or died suffering grievous other-worldly wounds.

She and Max quickly fell in love and were married after joining Max's family on the road. She has made plenty use of her skills since, turning a quick buck when needed telling fortunes and selling curses, but still the trail of mysterious deaths and disappearances follow her up and down the East Coast.

PM travellers Stefan

Stefan is the first child of Max & Talia, born and raised on the roads of East Coast USA. Even as a boy Stefan was remarkably strong and and from a young age was helping to shoe the horses and re-band the cart wheels.

What he lacks in magical ability, seemingly having inherited very little of his mother's power, he more than makes up for in brute strength and while more than adept with a pair of blacksmiths hammers Stefan's weapon of choice when it come to a brawl is his massive two-handed hammer.

Mythos has just over a week left on Kickstarter, and the more it's funded the sooner we will see these alternate factions make their way into the world.

What do you think of these eccentric Travellers?

"The Travellers will bring yet another layer of magic and story telling into this maddening world..."

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