Paranoid Miniatures Explore The Lovecratian Hidden Ones

December 1, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Paranoid Miniatures is getting into crunch time as they kick things into high gear for their pending Kickstarter in the spring. What better way to get you into the mood for the Madness of Mythos, than a little read from the story behind it? Here's a fantastic little piece about the Lovecraftian, Hidden Ones of Mythos...Mythos logo1

"For time forgotten we have watched Humanity from below the surface, we have brought fear and terror, we have stalked them both day and night, we have hunted and slain, tracked and killed, found and devoured their souls and all for our sleeping God.

Science made them bold, made them think it was us who should be fearful.

They found courage in weapons of bullets and fire, they brought light to the dark places and banded together to hunt us out. They spread like a disease and pushed us back to the very edges of their civilisations.

To them it seems we are gone forever, that our time has passed like a final breath and the myths and legends surrounding us have become but stories no longer believed. The lore learned from the deaths of those that were brave enough to face us has faded with time and is now all but gone.

The human hunting grounds we once fought each other for have disappeared beneath wood and stone. Towns and cities now light the darkness of night, drawing our eyes and our burning hunger. The world has become ripe, its numbers swelling as Humanity gorged and became lazy with technology.

We have but taken a breath, a pause, a step back to measure. We have used the time well to change and adapt, to evolve and be reborn in the seas from which we rise. We have waited, following our Father’s dreams.

No longer will we have to fight each other for those few souls within our boundaries. We will not have to be careful and only cull what we need for worry of wiping them all out in a single cycle’s feed.

We will feast like never before, delighting in Humanities fear and terror, consuming their bodies and sending their still screaming souls to our God, our Father. We have learned their ways as we waited, to better hide in plain sight; we can now wear and control the skins of men and women, of boys and girls that we might remain within our hunting grounds and not have to return to the seas embrace.

We will walk amongst them in the light of day marking out our prey and hunt them in the darkness of night. Our numbers are few but more rise with each lunar cycle, for the nightmare has gone forth, our re-awakening is beginning and the world….well the world will never be the same again."

Which of the Mythos factions will you be aligning with?

"Science made them bold, made them think it was us who should be fearful..."

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