Earth Elementals & Stone Serpents Summoned Into Being By NeverRealm

January 23, 2018 by brennon

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Building on what we saw last week from NeverRealm Industry, we have some additions to the Earth Summoner collection. First is this mighty Stone Serpent.

Stone Serpent - NeverRealm Industry

The Serpent once again follows the look and aesthetic we saw last week, drawing from Aztec and Mayan culture. It looks great, especially with the way the designs have been etched into the model, just begging for it to be painted with glow effects!

When it comes to massive models, we also have the Earth Elemental...

Earth Elemental - NeverRealm Industry

Towering over you, this beast will pummel you into submission beneath those rocky fists. This creature still has some of the same design choices worked into the sculpt but they also made it appear much more natural at the extremities which I thought was a nice touch.

Earth Elemental (Rear) - NeverRealm Industry

I think that a clash between the more natural earthen tones would work well against some of the glowing armour plates here maybe?

These are some very impressive models from an increasingly stunning range.

What do you think of them?

"...just begging for it to be painted with glow effects!"

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