Run Cyberpunk Corporations In New Angeles Board Game By FFG

August 4, 2016 by brennon

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Building upon the Android universe once again the minds at Fantasy Flight Games have put together their new game of corporate greed and enterprise, New Angeles...

New Angeles

In this game you're going to be taking control of one of these Corporations and working to not only bring in the most profits through your wheeling and dealing but also make sure the city continues to run properly too. If the city rises against you then the Government is going to step in and stop all your lucrative deals!

New Angeles (Board)

The main mechanic of the game works around the use of Offers and Counter Offers. Each turn a new Asset is going to hit the table. This is usually a person and item which will be of great help as you grow your corporation.

New Angeles (Offers)

You will be putting up offers to help either yourself or the city as a whole. Other players can then counter offer with their own bids. When the game enters this stage of contention the other Corporations will then vote on which offer to enact. It's an interesting game of wheeling, dealing, backstabbing and of course...big profits.

As mentioned before the city also has to be kept in check. You will need to keep sections of the city free of crime and make sure the businesses are appeased so you can carry out your work.

New Angeles (Threat)

One of the coolest mechanics in this game is that if the city ever gets destabilised then everyone loses meaning that you have to work together sometimes towards a greater good.

However, one of you secretly might be working to bring the whole system down and that could be your aim - if the city falls to disorder then you win instead! It seems like they're mixing in lots of cool elements from Battle Star Galactica and even Chaos in the Old World here which is great.

What do you think of New Angeles?

"It's an interesting game of wheeling, dealing, backstabbing and of course...big profits"

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