15mm Minis for Space 1889

July 18, 2011 by dracs

Highlander Studios are bringing out a new range of 15mm minis for the role playing game Space 1889. Let's take a look at these latest additions to a much loved genre.

I've never really been one for 15mm scale, but I have always had a bit of a soft spot for all things steampunk and I think these look rather good. I especially like the American Explorers with the body armour and gas mask.

Apart from Space 1889, these minis look perfect for pretty much any set of steampunk style rules. They might be particularly suited to the rules for skirmishes and even full scale battles which can be found in the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. Compendium.

What do you guys think? Are these a welcome addition to Space 1889?

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