3D Alien Worlds Print Out A Pond For Relaxing Samurai

August 1, 2019 by dracs

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3D Alien Worlds have a new Samurai Pond coming out soon, giving your feudal Japanese warriors a place to relax and ponder upon the fleeting nature of life. Then have an epic duel on the bridge!

This pond is combined with their Japanese bridges to create a a meditative environment with loads of details, right down to the koi lazily waiting to see if someone will take a break from the fighting to feed them.

There are two variants of the pond: a smaller version that you see above, and a larger version giving space for two bridges.

The layout of this pond should make for some fun skirmishing. The addition of the pebbled causeway leading to where the bridges meet could be just the path a quick ninja needs to turn up where their enemy least expects them.

Think you will print out a pond?

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