3D Art Digital Showcase War Demons Fantasy Bust Collection

April 3, 2019 by cassn

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Hobbyists rejoice - 3DArtDigital have previewed their upcoming Kickstarter, and these Fantasy busts are a must for any avid collector!


The War Demons are a series of five fantasy busts which 3DArtDigital have stated are for 'the miniature painter, the collector, and every fan of high fantasy'.


These 1/12 scale models are incredibly well-designed and come with unique accessories and backstory to help bring the characters to life.


There are also a series of add-ons which can be incorporated into your pledge, including some pretty cool orc raiders which have amazing detail quality. I mean, look at this:


Currently, the Kickstarter page is only a draft, so the project could change before launch, but we're pretty excited about the potential quality of these busts.


The War Demons should go live on Kickstarter soon, but for now you can check them out in greater detail here.

Which of these busts do you like best? Let us know below!

"Amazing detail quality!"

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