3D Print More Goblins With Warploque Miniatures Patreon

May 29, 2020 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has been showing off some of the new miniatures that they have been working on for the June Patreon. These Goblins, for ArcWorlde and beyond, will be available to 3D Print at home allowing you to tinker with them at your leisure.

Patreon Goblin Warband - Warploque Miniatures.jpg

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In this particular set, you're going to get a selection of new mounted miniatures on wolves (classic) and what look to be massive fleas! As well as the various riders, you'll also be able to snag yourself the banner bearer and mage from the collection to which will help you add more character to your already charming warband.

Much like with the previous set, these miniatures would be good for use in ArcWorlde but could be used in a number of different games too as they are pretty system agnostic.

What do you make of these new miniatures from Warploque's Patreon?

"What do you make of these new miniatures from Warploque's Patreon?"

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