Tiny 3mm Dwarf Armies Coming Soon From Microworld Games

August 18, 2020 by brennon

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Microworld Games is going to be introducing a new army to their 3mm Fantasy Collection. We've seen Elves and Orcs and now the Dwarves are going to be joining the fighting in this tiny, tiny, tiny....tiny scale.

Dwarf Warriors - Microworld Games

3mm Dwarf Warriors // Microworld Games

The first wave of miniatures for this collection are coming together and heading off to the printers soon. Dwarf Warriors, as well as Berserkers/Slayers of all kinds, are getting added into the mix soon. You're seeing the first snippets of these miniatures here before they get turned into metal miniatures to match the rest of the line!

Dwarf Slayers - Microworld Games

3mm Dwarf Slayers // Microworld Games

There is a definite look of Warhammer Fantasy Battles in terms of the aesthetic for this range and I am reminded of the old metal miniatures by Games Workshop. Obviously, these are in a very reduced scale but you can still tell what's what from weapons to beards to armour and more.

Dwarf Berserkers - Microworld Games

3mm Dwarf Berserkers // Microworld Games

As well as a bunch of foot troops to make up this force, the team at Microworld Games has also been working away on some of the bigger pieces of kit that always find their way into a Dwarf army. This is namely the Artillery which is going to be laying down covering fire as the Dwarf army advances.

Dwarf Artillery - Microworld Games

3mm Dwarf Artillery // Microworld Games

This set seems to offer up a bolt thrower, cannon, organ gun, mortar and then something a little more mysterious at the back. I can only think that it's a flame/steam cannon which is going to belch forth something noxious onto the battlefield.

There are some fun things here for those who like battling on this microscopic scale. With Dwarves, Elves and Orcs now filling out it would be great to see them do some Humans next!

Are you tempted by these 3mm marvels?

"With Dwarves, Elves and Orcs now filling out it would be great to see them do some Humans next!"

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