5e Faewild Adventure Coming To D&D September 2021

June 18, 2021 by fcostin

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The newest Dungeons & Dragons adventure is available to pre-order in two different shapes and sizes, and the creatures that lurk within the new escapade are certainly out of the ordinary.

Promising dark and twisted meets sugarplum fairies, this new adventure is right up my street, and I cannot wait to see what seemingly whimsical creatures are lurking amongst the woodland, and throughout the pages of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.

Wild Beyond the Witchlight // Wizards of the Coast

Being welcomed into a Feywild setting, we can expect fae dust and whimsy however the artwork certainly does tell me otherwise. Never have I seen a big brown grizzly bear equipped with a large set of butterfly wings, that certainly meets the expectation of fairies out in the wild.

Wizards of the Coast are keeping this information tight-lipped right now. And fans of the franchise are simply enjoying the incredible artwork and questioning little hints to where the story might be headed.

However, the darker question... why clowns? Why a circus tent? Am I missing something immersed Irish folklore that the Fae are distant relatives of Sparky the Clown? Whatever it might be, I am sure it is going to be exciting and the dark whimsy is a happy medium I enjoy!

The Plane of the Fae has been touched upon through lore in previous versions of D&D, and is the birthplace of all of the mischievous creatures we love to hate, such as elves and goblins!

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight // Dungeons & Dragons

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Alt // Dungeons & Dragons

The new adventure is set to release this September, however, you can pre-order your copy online if you are keen on getting that solidified as soon as possible. There are two different versions available to pre-order today, you can get a hold of the adventure book and a stunning alt version too.

For more information on The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, be sure to log on to D&D Live which is on July 16th and July 17th to find out more about the upcoming characters, monsters, and new stories to embark on.

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