Nutsplanet 75mm Scale Axecutioner Now Available

January 25, 2018 by brennon

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Looking towards a larger scale model, maybe you'd want to consider The Axecutioner, designed by Joo Heum Yoon in 75mm scale. He is now available on Nutsplanet...

The Axecutioner #1 - NutsPlanet

This is one of the first miniatures from Trigger for the new year and comes in six different grey resin pieces for you to assemble and paint.

The Axecutioner #2 - Nutsplanet

I reckon that this fellow has a little of the Fallout about him. You could see him being at the head of a mutant warband out there in the wastes, maybe even posing as their warlord.

He deserves a splendid paint scheme and then plenty of warpaint over the top of that to make him fit in. Bright neon colours wouldn't go amiss I'd say!

Do you like these larger models?

"Bright neon colours wouldn't go amiss I'd say!"

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