Acceptable Casualties Launches Sons Of Mars Gladiator Combat Game

July 26, 2018 by brennon

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The Acceptable Casualties has launched the pre-orders for their gladiatorial combat game, Sons Of Mars.

Sons Of Mars

The game is currently up for pre-order on North Star's webstore HERE where you can get your hands on the rulebook and a selection of Gladiators as well from Crusader Miniatures.

Crusader Miniatures Gladiators

The game features seventeen detailed gladiator classes, ten different beasts, over thirty unique skills, and forty-plus pieces of weapons and equipment as well as options for playing one-off games, full campaigns and solo experiences as well.

Acceptable Casualties also mentions that the game is meant to be tweaked to fit YOU as a player. So, there is an emphasis on the main rules being easy to play with you bolting on additional facets to your gaming experience as you find them useful.

You can check out How To Build A Gladiator...

...and Combat In The Arena videos here so you can get your head around the game before you jump in.

I like the idea of using this game alongside something like Gangs Of Rome so that you can play out some of the arena games that your gangs might have helped set up alongside the street violence.

Will you be checking this out?

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