Achaean Ranged Units Pop Up From Warlord Games

July 8, 2019 by brennon

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If you're playing through some Hail Caesar with your Armies Of Bronze or dipping your toe into SPQR from Warlord Games then you might want to check out the Achaean Slingers & Javelinmen for your ancient armies.


The Slingers and Javelinmen could be included alongside either your Achaean or Mycenaean forces in game. They are lightly armoured and would often have been used to start harrying your opponent with deadly sling stones and the odd javelin.

Achaean Javelinmen - Warlord Games

The Javelinmen would have taken up a more central role with your core troops. Armed with shields they could have fought alongside fellow warriors wielding spears and the Royal Guard with their bronze axes.

Since SPQR opens up skirmish gaming for a lot of the Ancient period, a few of these could find their way into your warband too. Ranged combat could be a good way to keep the enemy at bay.

Will you be picking these up for your Bronze Age armies?

"Will you be picking these up for your Bronze Age armies?"

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