Agent Venom & Spider-Woman Swing Into Marvel: Crisis Protocol

December 7, 2022 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has revealed another new pack coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol next year. Some new "web swingers" are dropping into the mix with a pack featuring Agent Venom & Spider-Woman.

Agent Vemon & Spider-Woman - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Agent Venom & Spider-Woman // Marvel Crisis Protocol

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Flash Tompson drops into Crisis Protocol as Agent Venom who carries out deadly missions while being bonded to the Venom Symbiote. As well as taking on tasks here on Earth, Agent Venom can also get stuck into some spacefaring adventures with the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Agent Vemon Big - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Agent Venom // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Alongside Agent Venom, we also have Jessica Drew who dives into the fighting as Spider-Woman. She is trained in striking from the shadows and can use her spider-venom strike to bring down her foes, whoever they might be.

Spider-Woman Big - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Spider-Woman // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

The miniatures for the spider-enhanced characters in Marvel: Crisis Protocol are bloomin' fantastic and I love the way that they look. They always look really dynamic and I always think about diving in when seeing these miniatures pop up. There are now quite a few Spider-Man adjacent heroes (and villains) for you to take a look at for Crisis Protocol.

Agent Vemon & Spider-Woman Miniatures - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Agent Venom & Spider-Woman Miniatures // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Talking of the Web-Warriors, you can actually get your hands on all of the previously released characters in one set soon.

Web Warriors - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Web Warriors // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Set your sights on Peter Parker, Venom, Ghost Spider and Miles Morales when it comes to your next games perhaps. Could you be tempted to dive into Marvel: Crisis Protocol with these new miniatures?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Could you be tempted to dive into Marvel: Crisis Protocol with these new miniatures?"

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