Two Alliance Nations of Firestorm Armada Sail into the Stars

July 10, 2014 by dracs

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Spartan Games are releasing two new fleet starter sets of alliance nations to join the battles of Firestorm Armada.

First up, the piratical Ba'Kash have arrived to bolster the Zenian League.

BaKash Patrol Fleet

BaKash Cruiser Group

As said, the Ba'Kash are piratical raiders, fielding fast ships that are able to zip around the enemy, providing the Zenian League with some fast hitting support, or serving as a fleet in their own right.

Facing off against the Ba'Kash stand the Tarakian Patrol Fleet.

Tarakian Patrol Fleet

The Tarakians stand alongside the Alliance of Kurak. While they might not be as maneuverable as the Ba'Kash, they do have some powerful gravity distortion weaponry. They have had to deal with pirates in the past and will now on occasion come to the aid of convoys who find themselves raided by corsairs.

Both of these new alliance fleets have their own distinct styles and are currently up for pre-order from Spartan Games, bringing you new tactical options for your own fleets, as well as whole new factions to draw upon.

Which of these two fleets do you like the look of best?

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