A Quick Peak into Alpha Strike Companion by Catalyst Game Labs

June 27, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Catalyst Game Labs, has given us a sneak peak into the upcoming Alpha Strike Companion release for Battletech.


Now everyone has either played or knows of someone who has played Battletech over these many years. I can remember playing it in the 80's with my friends looking for some great  battle mech combat. Now there has been a lot of the speculation over  what this companion will cover and now we get a look into what that will actually be.


Alpha Strike is Catalyst Game Labs, modern rules set to get into playing and battle in a quicker way. It also covers combat in many environments to include, land, sea and air. As you can see by the pictures there is going to be space combat involved. It is good to see a game as old as Battletech getting some new legs. It might just bring back some former players.

Is it time to dust off your mechs and get into the fight?

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