AntiMatter Games Release Four New ShadowSea Characters

May 18, 2018 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games has shown off four new character releases for the world of ShadowSea. The first of these is for the Order Of Yosoth and probably my favourite character of the bunch, the Iron Hand.

Iron Hand Of Yosoth #1 - AntiMatter Games

Armed and armoured like a total badass, this fellow looks like a fantastic addition to their collection. Whilst, of course, you can use this fellow for your games of ShadowSea, supporting the Order in their endeavours, I also see a perfect chance to bring a Ranger character to life in Dungeons & Dragons.

I got a similar feeling when I looked towards the Pirate Adventurer for the Fortune Hunters of ShadowSea.

Pirate Adventurer #1 - AntiMatter Games

A proper swashbuckler, this fellow is kitted out for a proper adventure on the tabletop. I like that we're seeing the models not just ready for a scrap but also in the midst of exploring too. With the amazing scenic base there you get the sense that he is stepping down into a watery cavern only to be surprised by deadly foes.

Dark Mariners

Talking of deadly foes, that's where the Dark Mariners come in who have got themselves two new models this time around. The first of these is Prince Corym ShadowShifter.

Prince Corym ShadowShifter - AntiMatter Games

An awesome sculpt which delves into the alien nature of these undersea dwellers. The styling of the armour is awesome, as is the sword design which has a 'fin' quality to it, echoing ShadowShifter's watery domain.

This is then matched by Telarmane Darkstar here as well.

Telarmane Darkstar - AntiMatter Games

Armed with some distinctly more powerful technology the Dark Mariners are not to be messed with. You could imagine them making mincemeat of foolhardy adventurers that step into their world.

Another raft of awesome models and it will be great to see what people do when it comes to putting paint to figure.

What do you think?

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