Aradia Miniatures Green Knight Project Finds Krampus & Mawhi Too

May 10, 2015 by brennon

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Aradia Miniatures have been running a fantastic IndieGoGo project to help bring a brilliant looking Green Knight to the painting table but that's not all. The recent success also means they can also make both Krampus and Mawhi too!

It's Coal For You!

Krampus is the companion of Father Christmas during the holiday season who goes around the children of the world who have been bad and chastises them for their acts of ill intent. He's quite the creepy looking creature...

Krampus (Front)

Krampus (Side)

Krampus (Rear)

...but he has been fantastically realised by the folks at Aradia Miniatures and I think this is one amazing sculpt that would be a painters dream. While he is generally presented as being black as coal it would be interesting to see some other interpreations of him using his more Satyr like nature too.

Under The Sea!

As well as the creature of Christmas there is the amazing Mawhi The Whale Man. I couldn't find out much about this slow but kind looking creature but I'm sure someone will fill me in.

Mawhi The Whale Man #1

Mawhi The Whale Man #2

According to Aradia this model is HUGE. Considering that all of these models are coming in at the 75mm scale ballpark you've got a huge piece of resin waiting for you when you finally get around to making this monster.

I'd love to see someone paint him up in mottled greens and blues as if he's part of the ocean as well as being, well, a Whale Man.

Which do you like best?

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