Argo’s Tripod & Pulp Heroes Coming Soon From Crooked Dice

June 15, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has been showing off some funky new miniatures will be released for 7TV and Pulp fans very soon. We start with Argo's Tripod which is a towering new piece in both resin and metal coming soon.

Argos Tripod - Crooked Dice

7TV // Argo's Tripod

This design is based on some of the artwork that popped up during their recent Kickstarter and has then been sculpted by the talented hand of Ernst Veingart. The main body of the walker is going to be available in resin with Argo himself cast in metal. This should certainly be the miniature which you use as in the climactic episode of your 7TV campaign.

Bombshell Miniatures: Coming Soon...

As well as their own miniatures, Crooked Dice are also going to be working with Bombshell Miniatures to produce their range of Pulp heroes and villains which are available from their Patreon.

Bombshell Pulp Miniatures - Crooked Dice

Bombshell Pulp Miniatures

The range features a lot of classic Pulp heroes and their sidekicks which could be used for all manner of different adventures. You have super-sleuths, heroes, soldiers and explorers which will be released in white metal. With Pulp being front and centre for Crooked Dice right now, this seems like a superb collection to draw from.

Are you tempted by these miniatures, both big and small?

"Are you tempted by these miniatures, both big and small?"

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